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Give the Gift of Tennis & Pickleball  December 3, 2018

Beavercreek, Greene
Give the Gift of Tennis & Pickleball , Beavercreek, Ohio

With the holidays coming up, you may be searching for a gift to give a tennis and pickleball-playing family member this year. While they will likely always appreciate new gear to wear or use on the court, consider purchasing something that supports their healthy habit. Beavercreek Clay Courts Tennis Club, in Beavercreek, OH, offers gift cards, which can be redeemed for lessons, clinics, memberships, and racket restringing. Call the clubhouse at (937) 956-8864, and visit the website to learn more about memberships.

5 Ways Players Can Use Gift Cards to a Tennis & Pickleball Club

1. Club Membership

 A membership at the Beavercreek Clay Courts Tennis Club includes unlimited access to the tennis and pickleball courts, clubhouse, league play, and the ability to reserve courts on-line. Call the clubhouse at (937) 956-8864, and visit the website to learn more about memberships.

2. Lessons

No matter how long someone has been playing, tennis lessons can be a great gift. Every player has actions they can improve, and tips from a professional can take their game to the next level. A set of lessons encourages regular practice and exercise and improves self-confidence, no matter if you play juniors or seniors.

3. Clinic Admission

Clinics offer an intensive format to learn new skills, evaluate current techniques, and meet new friends. Clinics can include video analysis, stroke development, drills to improve advanced skills, and practice competition. If you have a loved one who wants to improve their serve or practice defensive moves, this is a perfect gift.

4. Professional Re-stringing

tennis-stringerProfessional racket re-stringing is a practical gift for those who play often and competitively. String tension and composition are key to a good game, and with professional re-stringing, your tennis-playing loved one will appreciate the enhancement to their skills.

5. Gift Certificates

If you aren’t sure what would suit your tennis enthusiast best, purchase a gift certificate to the tennis club that allows them to invest in the most appropriate option. They can choose to apply the amount to the membership dues, lessons, new equipment, or anything else that will improve their game.


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