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What Is Dental Calculus? November 9, 2018

Mendenhall Valley, Juneau
What Is Dental Calculus?, Juneau, Alaska

While most people are aware of plaque and the damage it causes, the effects of dental calculus are less well known. Also referred to as tartar, dental calculus is a form of hardened plaque that can only be removed by a dentist wielding special tools. Here’s more information on calculus and what you can do to prevent it from occurring.

How Does Tartar Form?

Plaque is a film composed of bacteria that forms on teeth after eating or drinking. When a person is lax on oral hygiene, plaque hardens and becomes tartar or calculus. Tartar can be identified by yellow or brown deposits on the teeth, usually along the gum line. It can cause swollen and bleeding gums, as well as tooth loss if the issue isn’t rectified.

What Is Scaling?

Tartar cannot be removed via brushing and flossing alone, as hardened deposits strongly cling to teeth. Once plaque calcifies, the only way it can be removed is through scaling. During this process, your dentist will use special tools to get rid of built-up deposits. Scaling is relatively painless, and your dentist can explain the process step-by-step to ensure you remain at ease.

How Do You Prevent Calculus From Forming?

dentistProper dental care is the best way to prevent dental calculus from forming. This entails brushing and flossing daily, limiting sugary drinks and foods, and visiting your dentist for regular exams. It’s best to undergo a checkup at least twice a year to ensure your teeth and gums are healthy. That way, you can also deal with any dental issues before the effects worsen.


If you’re concerned about plaque and tartar, scheduling a dental exam with Nizich Family Dental in Juneau, AK, is crucial. Not only will they utilize the proper tools and knowledge to improve your teeth, but they’ll also ensure you leave their office with helpful tips on at-home dental care. They also offer comprehensive services, such as root canals, extractions, crowns, and bridges. To schedule an appointment with a dentist, call (907) 789-7001 today, and visit their website for more information on their services.

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