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How to Distribute the Spare Keys to Your Home November 9, 2018

Terryville, Suffolk County
How to Distribute the Spare Keys to Your Home, Terryville, New York

Everyone should have a plan in case they’re ever locked out of their home. By getting spare keys made, you’ll ensure that you’re never inconvenienced and won’t need emergency locksmith services. But to whom should you give the spare keys once you have them? Follow the guide below to help you decide. 

4 Ways to Give Out Your Spare House Keys

1. Hand Out to Household Members

Every member of the household who is responsible enough not to lose a key should have one. It’s unnecessary to give a key to your six-year-old, for example, who’s likely to misplace it and who’ll be accompanied by an adult with a key at most times anyway. 

2. Leave for Neighbor or Two

It’s a good idea to give a copy to a trusted neighbor in case you ever need them to water your houseplants or confirm that you did, in fact, remember to turn the stove off before you left for vacation. Many homeowners also provide a key to adult family members who live nearby, like a cousin who resides just across town, in case your immediate neighbors aren’t available. 

3. Hide a Spare

locksmithHiding a key comes in handy if someone loses theirs or needs to get in unexpectedly. Ask a locksmith about their preferred key hiding devices, like a sliding magnetic container or even a fake rock. Placing a key in a place where you’ll remember it but no one can see it provides the best security. Stash one under a patio table, behind a certain lawn ornament, or in a garden shed.

4. Keep a Few Extra

There’s no limit to how many spare keys a locksmith can make. It’s nice to have a couple of keys to keep around the house for every contingency. If you’re going on a long trip and letting friends or renters use your house while you’re away, for instance, it’s helpful to have a key on hand to give them. If you have a housekeeper or dog walker who needs to access your home while you’re out, give them a key, too. Just remember only to give keys to people that you know well and trust – otherwise you could end up needing to change your locks. 


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