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4 Ways to Tell If Your Gold Jewelry Is Real December 20, 2018

Waipahu, Ewa
4 Ways to Tell If Your Gold Jewelry Is Real, Ewa, Hawaii

Selling your gold jewelry is a quick way to raise cash for emergencies or holiday shopping. But if you have a drawer full of old pieces of jewelry, you might not be sure which ones are precious metals and which are fake. Here a few tricks to help you test your jewelry before you take it to the pawn shop.

4 Ways to Test Your Gold Jewelry

1. Magnetization Test

Gold is not magnetic. If you hold a magnet next to your piece and it sticks, it’s not real gold. Most likely it’s made of nickel. Other magnetic metals include iron, cobalt, and gadolinium, as well as metal alloys that contain one of these metals, like steel.

2. Weight Test

Hold a gold ring in one hand and a ring made of a base metal like nickel, copper, or brass in the other, and you’ll notice the gold one is heavier. You can also drop the piece of jewelry into a glass of water. Gold will sink to the bottom quickly.

3. Stamp Test

goldReal gold will have an imprint that states its karat weight, typically on the inside of the ring or on the clasp of a necklace. It will say something like 10K for 10-karat gold. The larger the number, the more gold in the piece and the higher its value. However, vintage gold jewelry may not have this stamp, so take it to an appraiser.  

4. Professional Appraisal

A trusted jewelry appraiser or pawn shop can tell you if your jewelry is real gold and give you an estimated value. If you need an official insurance appraisal, ask your insurance company to recommend an approved vendor.


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