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3 Winter Carpet Cleaning Tips November 9, 2018

Brownstown, Lancaster
3 Winter Carpet Cleaning Tips, Brownstown, Pennsylvania

During the cold winter months, carpet never fails to feel warm and cozy beneath your feet. Although carpet is perhaps the most comfortable flooring option on the market, it also poses unique cleaning demands, especially during the winter months. To ensure your carpet remains plush and looking like new through the months ahead, follow these key carpet cleaning tips.

Winter Carpet Cleaning Guide

1. Remove Shoes or Employ Mats

carpet cleaningWet, muddy boots and soft carpet fibers do not mix. Since your guests are likely to be a bit more wet and muddy during the winter months, you may want to request that they remove shoes before stepping on your carpet. If you own a commercial business, office, or another property where you think removing shoes is out of the question, instead, use waterproof mats to curb stains and wear-and-tear.

2. Vacuum More Frequently

You may need to vacuum more frequently during winter months to remove an influx of grit, dirt, and salt entering your property. By sucking up these debris before they deeply penetrate your carpets fibers, you can prevent long-term damage. Ingrained dirt and debris are very hard to remove and can lead to foul odors, frayed fibers, and overall degradation. Vacuum residential properties at least two to three times per week and commercial properties at least once per day to curb damage.

3. Enlist a Professional

At least once per winter, enlist a professional to remove the inevitable accumulation of salt, dirt, and other debris in your carpet fibers. A professional can employ an advanced hot-water extraction service that will result in clean, hygienic, and fresh-smelling floors.


For the winter carpet cleaning support you need, turn to Lancaster County, PA’s experts. For over 30 years, the experts from The Rug Beater Cleaning Enterprises in Talmage have provided the state-of-the-art floor cleaning techniques locals rely on to maintain their properties. To learn more about the BBB® and IICRC® accredited carpet cleaners, visit the website. To schedule your free inspection, call a friendly professional today at (717) 656-9826.

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