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How to Decorate With Oak Custom Cabinets November 30, 2018

Barnesville, Belmont
How to Decorate With Oak Custom Cabinets, Barnesville, Ohio

Oak custom cabinets are extremely popular in kitchens today because of the material’s strength and versatility. The wood provides a natural-looking background for your kitchen, and they can work in nearly any type of home design, from rustic to contemporary. If you’re not sure how to decorate your kitchen around oak cabinets, here are some tips to keep in mind.

3 Creative Ways to Decorate Oak Custom Cabinets

1. Add Some Wood Variety

There’s no rule stating you can only use one type of wood in a room. If you want to add dimension to the space, add a table and some shelving in other wood tones, like ash or hickory. You can even use more oak but have it stained with a different tone to mix things up.

2. Brighten With Pops of Color

cabinetsYou can also balance the simplicity of natural oak tones with some pops of color around the cabinets. Include colorful glasses and dishware along the countertops and hang up complementary tea towels. You can even get some vintage door pulls and hardware to add variety to the cabinets themselves.

3. Consider the Two-Tone Look

If you don’t want all of your cabinets to have the same wood tone, consider mixing it up a bit with paint. Two-tone kitchens—where upper and lower cabinets have different finishes—are popular right now. You could go with natural wood on some, and then paint over the rest with gray or white to get some more variety in the space. If you want the upper and lower cabinets to be the same color, you could simply add a kitchen island with a different finish.


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