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4 Basic Safety Tips During a Power Outage November 14, 2018

Austin, Austin-Round Rock Metro Area, TX
4 Basic Safety Tips During a Power Outage, Austin, Texas

With winter nearly here, commercial property owners should keep storm safety in mind. Heavy snow can cause power outages while your workers are still in the building. This can have an impact on productivity, worker safety, and the integrity of your existing electrical system and appliances. When the interior lighting goes out, here are a few basic safety tips you and your employees should know. 

How to Prepare For the Power Failing

1. Plan for the Inevitable

Don’t get caught off-guard when your interior lighting begins to flicker. Have a plan in place that you distribute to your employees. This includes whether they should stay at the office or head home, how documents or valuables should be stored, and what should be done about machinery that had been in use when the power failed.

2. Caution Against Using Electronics

During a lightning storm, caution employees not to use elevators, in case a power outage occurs and they get stuck inside. If a power line falls, make sure no one attempts to go near it or drive over them in an attempt to get home – this can cause severe electrocution and even death. 

3. Have Back-up Safety Systems

interior lightingWhen the power goes out, so does your smoke alarms, fire sprinklers, illuminated exit signs, security system, and other electronics. Consider investing in a generator which can channel power to these vital areas and can activate some of the interior lighting so that employees don't trip and hurt themselves.

4. Use Surge Protectors

Does your business rely heavily on electronics such as computers, printers, and manufacturing equipment? Keep your devices safe by investing in surge protectors that will shield your devices from the sudden change in voltage that accompanies power outages. 


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