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3 Tips for Playing Golf on a Wet Course November 9, 2018

Garment District, Manhattan
3 Tips for Playing Golf on a Wet Course, Manhattan, New York

When you love the game of golf, a little rain won’t stop you from grabbing your golf clubs and heading to the course. However, rainfall could alter your experience and your score if you don’t prepare beforehand. Here is a guide to playing golf on a wet course.

Wet-Weather Golf Tips

1. Bring Extra Towels

You never know when the rain will pick up, so pack a few extra towels to dry off the golf cart seat, your clubs, and your hands. Because water can fill the small grooves on your drivers, it is always a good idea to dry off your golf clubs to prevent backspin.

2. Adjust Your Grip

Wet weather can also make the ground a little more soggy, which can make it more difficult to drive the ball effectively. To ensure a successful drive, grip your golf clubs ¼ to ½ an inch lower than you normally would — or about the distance your shoes are sinking into the ground.

golf clubs3. Read the Course

Water also changes the way that the ball travels against the ground, so take your time reading the greens before you take a shot. For instance, moisture in sand traps can cause the sand to clump together, which can make pitches travel further. When you make it to the green, water accumulation in the dimples of the ball will slow down movement. Do everything you can to inspect the area carefully before you take a stroke to prevent mistakes.


It’s always a good idea to have the equipment you need to golf well in any weather, so stop by New York Golf Center to stock up on rain hoods, cold-weather golf apparel, and waterproof rain gloves. With an incredible selection of top products and a knowledgeable, experienced staff, they can help with everything from custom fitting golf clubs to urgent equipment repair. Find out more about how they can help by exploring their website, or give their East Midtown, NY, location a call at (212) 564-0078.

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