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When Should You Fertilize Your Lawn for the Winter? November 12, 2018

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When Should You Fertilize Your Lawn for the Winter?, Berrett, Maryland

Even though the grass and other plants on your property are dormant during the winter, lawn maintenance is still a necessity. Your lawn needs the proper care to ensure it has a healthy root system and can come to life again in the spring. You should fertilize the grass, but to get the best results, you’ll need to do it at the right time.

Your Guide to Winter Lawn Maintenance  

What’s the Right Time to Fertilize?

A winter layer of fertilizer should be applied after the grass stops growing or mowing is no longer necessary. Apply the last fertilizer before the first frost of the season between mid-November to early December for the best results. Don’t fertilize your lawn after the ground freezes, as this can cause long-term damage to your grass.

What Type of Fertilizer Should I Use?

Look for a product that is mostly composed of water-soluble nitrogen, which is quick releasing, as opposed to water insoluble nitrogen. Read the label to look for urea or ammonium sulfate, which are the most common forms of nitrogen. This fertilizer will provide the most nutrients and absorb into the ground fast enough in case a surprise cold snap occurs. Make sure you thoroughly read the instructions before dispersing the fertilizer on your lawn. Typically, this type of fertilizer calls for 1 pound of soluble nitrogen to be applied to every 1,000 square feet of lawn. If you’re unsure, call a professional landscaping team to ensure you don’t overuse fertilizer. 

Why is This Lawn Maintenance Task Important?

lawn maintenanceDuring the active growing season, plants soil around them as they collect nutrients and expand their root systems. By applying fertilizer, you’ll increase the amount of dirt they can use while making sure it has enough of the necessary elements to keep your landscaping alive. Fertilizing helps the grass retain some of its color, which means the beauty of your home won’t be impacted by having a dry, brown, dead lawn. 

Additionally, winter is a prime time for grass to perish, due to the lack of nutrients in the soil. Fertilizing your lawn will preserve it through the cold season, prompting it to grow healthy again the following spring.



To ensure lawn maintenance tasks are completed correctly and at the right time, hire the professional team at Myers Lawn Care Services in Carroll County, MD. They perform tasks from fertilizing to mulching and mowing. They provide top-quality landscaping services to best fit your needs. For more information about their fertilization services, call (443) 398-2960 or visit their website.

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