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4 Events That Can Benefit From Portable Toilet Rental November 9, 2018

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4 Events That Can Benefit From Portable Toilet Rental, Fairbanks, Alaska

When you’re planning a large gathering, it’s natural that guests will need to relieve themselves. Even if the venue has a restroom, large amounts of traffic can create awkward lines that extend into the party, as well as put stress on the plumbing system. That’s why you should consider a portable toilet rental for special occasions. Here are a few examples of when they can be useful. 

Times a Portable Toilet Rental Is Advantageous 

1. Wedding & Engagement Parties

Are you planning an outdoor wedding or reception? Or have you considered hosting your engagement party on the water? There are plenty of portable toilet rentals that are suited for these kinds of formal occasions, including handicap accessible options which will give your guests plenty of space. Estimate that you will need one unit for every 50 people in attendance.

2. Anniversary Party

porta-potty rentalWhen you’re reaching a milestone anniversary, there are plenty of reasons to celebrate! However, instead of renting a formal dining hall like on their wedding day, many people prefer a slightly more casual atmosphere. If you're planning on hosting at your home, a garden, or a park, these rentals allow you to accommodate more guests than those spaces have restrooms for. 

3. Birthday Party

Whether you’re celebrating your daughter’s Sweet 16 or your partner’s 50th birthday, you might be planning for a crowd. Rather than having unmonitored guests hanging around your upstairs, or people waiting on one another, portable bathrooms offer a convenient alternative. 

4. Fireworks Show

For holidays like the Fourth of July and New Year’s Eve, a fireworks show is the perfect way to celebrate. These outdoor festivities often attract crowds, and you’ll need plenty of portable toilets to accommodate them. Keep in mind that for these events, as well as others on this list, you will require at least one handwashing station for every four portable toilets that you rent. 


Whether you’re hosting a wedding or a Sweet 16, turn to Horizon Services in Fairbanks, AK, for your portable toilet rentals. This company has offered clean and affordable porta-potties and 24/7 service to residents for more than 33 years. Learn more about products like camping toilets online or by calling (907) 452-1480 today.

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