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3 Tips to Prepare for Orthopedic Joint Surgery November 15, 2018

3 Tips to Prepare for Orthopedic Joint Surgery, Sublimity, Oregon

Orthopedic joint surgery can alleviate severe pain and mobility issues so that you can, once again, enjoy a fulfilling, active life. However, it is still natural to feel anxiety about your upcoming procedure. Here are some tips for preparing for your operation which will not only help out your doctors but also ease your mind.

What to Do Ahead of Joint Surgery

1. Collect Personal & Medical Info

Compile relevant documents for the surgeon’s office including your medical history, the medications you're taking, and a list of your emergency contacts. If you aren’t paying out of pocket, bring proof of insurance as well.

orthopedic-santiam-hospital2. Create Home Care Plans

Following orthopedic joint surgery, you’ll undergo an extensive recovery session. In anticipation of that, make sure you have a ride home and arrange for additional assistance in the weeks following, such as a home health care aide. You may even want to stay in an inpatient setting at first. Besides determining a comfortable place to recuperate, think of activities you can do from bed to keep you occupied, and stock up on healthful foods so that you receive crucial vitamins and minerals.

3. Shape Up

To ensure the best results, take measures to bolster your health in the weeks leading up to the orthopedic joint surgery. Quit cigarettes and drinking and load up on plenty of fruits and vegetables, especially if your surgeon suggests weight loss. If possible, low-impact exercises can also help.


The health care professionals at Santiam Hospital have proudly served the Mid-Willamette Valley area in Oregon since 1953. From orthopedic care to women’s health and pulmonology, they’re committed to ensuring patients have all the resources they need to feel their best. To learn more about their services, visit their website or call (503) 769-2175 today. You can also follow them on Facebook for regular and updates healthy living tips.

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