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3 Kitchen Remodeling Tasks to Create Your Dream Home November 8, 2018

Crown Heights, Brooklyn
3 Kitchen Remodeling Tasks to Create Your Dream Home, Brooklyn, New York

Many people looking to update their houses start by taking on kitchen remodeling so they can cook and eat in a new, clean space while working on the rest of their home. This project has many elements and can seem a little overwhelming at first. Here are the top must-tackle items in the kitchen to get you started on the path to creating your perfect home.

A Guide to Kitchen Remodeling

1. Lighting

When remodeling, people often think of the bigger items like appliances and wall coverings without realizing that simply switching out the lighting can make a big difference. By providing task lighting over the sink and stove and adding mood lights like recessed fixtures, you’ll create ambient illumination and make it easy to chop veggies and do the dishes. Assess your current lighting with a kitchen remodeling contractor, and then decide what options will better the existing lights.

2. Countertops

kitchen remodelingCountertops should be durable and functional and fit in with the style of the home. For many people, that means upgrading these surfaces during a kitchen remodel. To choose your next countertop, consider aesthetics, durability, heat-sensitivity, and cost to find the best option. Ask a contractor to measure how much counter so that you’ll know the necessary square footage and can calculate how this will fit into the budget.

3. Flooring

Installing new flooring is often the final task in a kitchen remodeling project. Hardwood, vinyl, and ceramic are the top three types of flooring for this space because of their long lifespans, hardiness, and easy cleaning capabilities. You may want to refinish and reseal existing wood floors to preserve some of the home’s original features or install tile that will match the new backsplash.


Homeowners looking to hire kitchen remodeling experts to handle their project should contact Phillips Carpenters & Cleaning Services in Brooklyn, NY. The company has been in business since 1987 offering small to medium construction, commercial cleaning, and home contracting services. Call (718) 221-5572 for information on how their top-notch team of electricians, plumbers, flooring, and general carpentry experts can bring your dream home to life.

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