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Vinyl Flooring vs. Ceramic Tiles November 8, 2018

Waterbury, New Haven County
Vinyl Flooring vs. Ceramic Tiles, Waterbury, Connecticut

Homeowners have seemingly endless options for new floors, and many find themselves deciding between high-quality vinyl flooring and ceramic tiles. While they share certain similarities, there are enough key differences between them that can help make the decision clearer. Here is a guide to how you can evaluate these types of flooring.

Is Vinyl Flooring or Ceramic Tile More Suited to Your Home?

1. Aesthetics

Ceramic tile is considered a higher-end surface than vinyl due to its dazzling appearance. Due to its heavy look and classic appearance, having ceramic is more of a design statement. While high-end vinyl will also look impressive, its aesthetic strength is more in its flexibility — it comes in an extraordinary variety of colors and patterns.

2. Installation

vinyl flooringTechnicians can install vinyl much faster than ceramic, so if you’re trying to have your home ready as soon as possible, you’re better off with vinyl. Ceramic installation requires grout and mortar; so, not only is the process messier, but it also takes longer as the materials cure. Installing vinyl is more like setting up puzzle pieces, so it takes less labor and costs less money.

3. Durability

Both vinyl flooring and ceramic surfaces are water-resistant, so you can feel comfortable using either in the bathroom. Generally, ceramic is an extremely durable material and will not break down on its own, though it is vulnerable if you accidentally drop a heavy object on it. Vinyl has more give, so it won’t be as prone to abrupt breakages but will lose some of its luster over time.


Whether you opt for vinyl flooring or ceramic tile, it’s wise to work with a respected flooring contractors at Carpet Excellence in New Haven County, CT. In business for over three decades, the professionals are known for their swift and high-quality flooring installations. You can receive a free estimate by calling (203) 756-0091 or visiting the company’s website.

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