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3 Tips for Decorating a Room With Hardwood Floors November 9, 2018

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3 Tips for Decorating a Room With Hardwood Floors, Enterprise, Alabama

Today, hardwood floors are as popular as ever. And because flooring is such a trendy aspect of home design, there are countless hardwood floor options on the market to choose from, including hickory, ash, maple, and oak—not to mention exotic wood varieties like teak and jarrah. But what's the best way to decorate rooms that have hardwood floors? Consider these useful tips for furnishing your favorite rooms. 

How to Decorate Rooms With Hardwood Flooring 

1. Utilize Rugs

While you don't want to completely cover beautiful wood flooring, smaller area rugs can be a useful way to break up the room and provide a softer surface to walk on. In addition, rugs can pull together spaces, niches, and vignettes within a given room, offering a sense of order that might not otherwise be fully realized. 

2. Don't Worry About Matching Wood Tones

hardwood floorWhile there was a time when interior design wisdom dictated that homeowners had to match wood tones between their flooring and furniture pieces, that way of thinking is a thing of the past. Feel free to mix bold wood furniture pieces with your flooring for a look that accentuates the contrasts between the different wood varieties. Design professionals encourage homeowners to get creative with their wood mixing, blending stained or polished wood with more rugged, rustic surfaces.

3. Seek Out Soft Textures

The solid, immutable appearance of wood hugely benefits from being balanced with softer, gentler textures. Consider soft fabrics like lambswool and sheepskin to give hardwood floor rooms a softer, homier aura. 


For 35 years, Enterprise Wholesale, Inc. has been one of southeastern Alabama's premier flooring contractors. The Enterprise, AL-based business specializes in everything from kitchen and bathroom renovation to hardwood floor and carpet installation, and they work to keep their rates as affordable as possible for their clients. Visit the flooring pros' website to learn more about their work with wood floors, or call the team directly at (334) 347-7033. 

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