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What You Need to Know About Diabetes November 8, 2018

Westbury, North Hempstead
What You Need to Know About Diabetes, North Hempstead, New York

Diabetes is a chronic medical condition in which the body cannot regulate blood sugar. Those with Type 1 diabetes do not produce insulin, a pancreatic hormone that controls glucose in the blood. Type 2 diabetes causes issues with insulin production and regulation. Over time, the body is often unable to produce insulin like it once did. Some women may get diabetes during pregnancy, but it disappears after giving birth. The field of immunology, which studies the biology of the immune system, has shed more light on diabetes and its causes. 

Your Guide to Diabetes 

Altered Pancreatic Function

Because the pancreas produces insulin, it’s essential that the organ functions properly to prevent your body from developing Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes. Immunology experts conclude that the pancreas is a sensitive organ that is impacted by toxins, whether from viruses or environmental sources. In Type 1 diabetes, the body attacks cells in the pancreas that produce insulin. In Type 2, cells in the pancreas don’t react normally to insulin, which causes the organ to overproduce insulin and spiking blood sugar levels. 

Carbohydrate Metabolism

immunologyOnce the pancreatic function has been impaired, the organ cannot effectively metabolize carbohydrates. Carbs turn into sugar, so blood glucose levels are unstable, which in turn causes diabetes. A diet high in carbohydrates is one of the leading risk factors for developing Type 2 diabetes. 

An Immunological Approach

With diabetic patients, the first place many immunology doctors look is the pancreas. Through a simple blood test, they can deduce if a patient is making antibodies to fight pancreatic islet cells and other enzymes, things that can contribute to the development of diabetes. If these antibodies are not present, an immunological approach is typically helpful to strengthen the immune system to combat both the causes and effects of diabetes.

Depending on the patient, immunology experts provide treatment to reduce inflammation, decrease stress levels, and introduce a ketogenic diet—a low-carb, low-sugar, protein-rich way of eating. Even introducing clean, filtered water into one's diet can go a long way to bolstering the immune system to better control diabetes. 



If you have diabetes, the immunology professionals at Integrative Medicine of New York, PLLC, in Nassau County, NY, can help. The practice provides a variety of treatments, including nutrient absorption and supplement support for autoimmune disorders. They provide a direct delivery method than standard oral medications to improve their patients’ health. To schedule an appointment, call (516) 759-4200 or visit their website to see a list of autoimmune disease treatments. 

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