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Common Causes of Farm Equipment Breakdown During Harvesting Season November 8, 2018

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Common Causes of Farm Equipment Breakdown During Harvesting Season, Harris, North Carolina

Two of the busiest times for a farmer are planting and harvesting. Farmers depend on their machinery to be in top working order or risk expensive downtime and potential tractor repair costs. Below are a few common causes of farm equipment breakdown—as well as the proper tractor repair steps to take to address these issues quickly and efficiently so you can get your harvest in.

Reasons for Machinery Malfunction at Harvest Time

Electrical Problems

More and more farming equipment is computerized, meaning that electrical issues are a reality for today's farmer. While most electrical problems will need to be addressed by a tractor repair professional, there are some things you can do to help prevent them in the first place. Check that all connectors and wiring are free of dust, dirt, and other debris. Be sure to only use compressed air when cleaning out these sensitive areas, as water could be damaging to the entire electrical unit.

Tighteners Out of Alignment

tractor repairWhen tighteners are misaligned, they can put undue stress on the belt or chain, which in turn can cause them to break. Check that the belts are moving straight and the chains are on track with the proper amount of tension. The shafts should be moving at the right speed as well. If any of these issues are present, it may be time to replace the bushings in the tightener pivot.

Poor Maintenance

Farm equipment requires regular upkeep and maintenance—failing to tend to these details can result in machinery that doesn't function as it should. Grease all lube points on a daily basis, and check all oil and fluid levels. A regular inspection by a tractor repair professional is also a smart idea. You will be staying on top of problems before they start, and you can feel comfortable and confident in the operation of your equipment.


Understanding some common causes of machinery breakdown will help you find the right solution and get you back into the fields as soon as possible. Stanly Tractor Company is here to help. For over 50 years, they've been providing customers throughout Stanly County, NC, with expert tractor repair and parts as well as a full line of outdoor power equipment. Schedule your next service by calling (704) 983-1106, visiting them online, or messaging them via Facebook.

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