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How Should You Choose Window Treatments for Your Home Office? November 8, 2018

Wailuku Ahupua`a, Kahului
How Should You Choose Window Treatments for Your Home Office?, Kahului, Hawaii

If you work from home, it’s important to maintain an environment conducive to productivity. Windows are largely responsible for dictating a room’s ambiance, so finding the ideal window treatments for your home office may play a role in your ability to get work done. Explore some considerations for choosing the best features for your windows below.  

A Guide to Selecting Window Treatments for a Home Office

Could Fresh Air Boost Your Productivity?

If you’re able to turn off the air conditioning on days with favorable conditions, you might want to consider having window screens installed in your home office. Research shows good ventilation – including fresh outdoor air brought indoors – improves a number of health factors, including reduced exposure to indoor pollutants. Moreover, it can also lead to improved decision making and strategizing skills, both of which are critical to productivity.

How Much Natural Light Should You Let In?

window treatmentsLike fresh air, natural light can also support strong work performance. A study by the University of Adelaide indicated that people feel more energized and are even in a better mood when exposed to natural light, which could translate to improved creativity and increased motivation. The same study reveals conventional fluorescent lighting, on the other hand, is linked to eyestrain and headaches. Thus, window treatments which allow ample natural light to flow in, such as sheer curtains, may be best-suited for your home office.

Will You Need Blinds to Prevent Glare?

While natural light has its advantages, you may reach a point during the day where you find your windows are letting too much light in. When that happens, it may help to have a set of highly reflective blinds or opaque shades. These systems are versatile in the fact that they can be raised and brought down to either let light in or block out the sun as desired. You can, therefore, enjoy natural light before and after the sun reaches its peak, but still avoid having an irritating glare on your computer screen.


No matter which window treatments you settle on, it’s important for your office’s windows to be in top condition, too. Old, warped glass can impede natural light, making it more difficult to reap the benefits described above. If you need new windows or security screens for your Kahului home, turn to Valley Isle Screen. Boasting top quality durability and reliability, their products are stylish and functional, and they also offer window treatments to suit any home or office environment. Explore some of their versatile design options by visiting their website, or call (808) 877-3054 to begin discussing your window goals with a staff member.