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How Farm Fuel Additives Help You in Winter  November 9, 2018

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How Farm Fuel Additives Help You in Winter , Palmyra, New York

Whether you drive an 18-wheeler or operate farm equipment like tractors, cultivators, harvesters and or heating your home you rely on diesel fuel. But when temperatures start to drop in the winter months, the quality and effectiveness of diesel fuel risks being compromised. Additives in diesel fuels counteract the ill effects of frigid temperatures, keeping fuel running at optimal levels. The following guide will explain how diesel fuel additives will help keep your equipment and home furnaces in peak condition. 

Why Diesel Fuel Additives Matter in Winter

Additives Reduce Paraffin Wax Thickening

farm fuelLow temperatures cause the paraffin wax contained in diesel fuel to gradually thicken. If this thickening process isn’t mitigated, it will eventually result in thick, viscous fuel that clogs filters, seizes up engines, and flows improperly. Additives created specifically for winter weather prevent the wax crystals in paraffin wax from clumping together. By buying diesel fuel with these additives, you won't risk having your farm equipment or furnace fail on you. 

Additives Enhance Overall Performance

There are different kinds of winter additives. Some are designed only to prevent paraffin wax from solidifying in your diesel fuel, while others are multifunctional. These additives come with additional benefits, like cleansing your engine, reducing moisture, giving you better mileage, and furnace proficiency. Some also raise your cetane level, meaning that your fuel will burn more completely and your machine will be more powerful. Not all additives are suitable for all engines, however, so talk to your local fuel professional for advice on what’s right for your equipment. 


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