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3 Ways Vinyl Replacement Windows Are Beneficial November 16, 2018

Charlotte, Rochester
3 Ways Vinyl Replacement Windows Are Beneficial, Rochester, New York

If your windows are old, damaged, or drafty, it may be time for a window replacement. Although there are several window options to choose from, vinyl replacement windows are a cost-effective choice that can last you for years to come. Vinyl is more energy efficient than your existing aluminum windows, and it can save you money on your heating and cooling bills.

The Advantages of Replacing Your Windows with a Vinyl Alternative 

1. Regulates Your Home’s Temperature 

vinyl replacement windowsWhen it comes to insulation, aluminum windows are not the best choice. Aluminum transfers heat, so when it’s hot outside, these window frames will heat your home more, and when it’s cold outside, they’ll cool it. Vinyl, on the other hand, blocks heat transfer and will work with your home’s insulation for less energy waste. The glass is also treated with modern coatings that reflect UV rays, which helps minimize the amount of heat absorption in the summer. 

2. Provides Cost-Effective Results 

Vinyl replacement windows are usually the most inexpensive option for their material and quality. On average, vinyl costs $200 less than aluminum per window. The cost of labor is also significantly lower, as vinyl is easier to install. Because of their efficiency in insulating your home, this material also lowers your heating and cooling bills. The combination of low investment and ongoing savings makes this material the most cost-effective option for most homes.

3. Requires Simple Installation & Maintenance 

When sizing a wall space for an aluminum window frame, the professionals must match the material to the exact dimensions of the wall space. If the size is off by centimeters, there will be a draft. Aluminum requires precision, which takes time and can drag out the installation process longer. Vinyl, on the other hand, is a flexible material that can mold into an existing wall space. This cuts time, which means the cost of labor won’t increase your bill. 

Vinyl maintenance is smoother than any other material. Extreme weather conditions can cause aluminum to rust and corrode over time, whereas vinyl withstands intense sun exposure and cold temperatures. To prevent vinyl from warping, caulk around the frame to ensure that you get the most out of your investment. 



If you’re considering vinyl replacement windows, choose Alumaroll Awning & Window Co in Monroe County, NY, for the installation. Their energy-efficient, money-saving options include a wide selection of sizes and styles to fit any home. To take advantage of their 70 years of experience, call (585) 544-2110 or visit their website to read more about their window replacement options. 


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