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Top 3 Septic Tank Maintenance Tips For the Holidays November 8, 2018

Powers, Cass
Top 3 Septic Tank Maintenance Tips For the Holidays, Powers, Minnesota

The more people in your home, the harder your septic system has to work. That’s why it’s important to take in considerations to protect your home from backups when hosting family and friends during the holidays. Preventative septic tank maintenance can go a long way in preserving your system and keeping it working as intended.

Best Practices for Preserving Your Septic Tank During the Holidays

1. Try to Conserve Water

Your septic tank can overflow with excessive water usage over a short period. If you’re hosting guests during the holidays, kindly ask that they try to conserve as much water as possible by taking short showers and turning off water in between use. You can also do your part by doing water-intensive chores like laundry and washing dishes the day before guests arrive to prevent system issues.

septic tank2. Talk to Your Guests About What is Appropriate to Flush

Flushing the wrong type of material down the toilet causes septic clogs and backups. Talk to your guests about what is acceptable to flush down the toilet. This includes only human waste and toilet tissue. Things like diapers, feminine hygiene products, and baby wipes should be thrown in the trash to avoid septic problems.

3. Avoid Using Garbage Disposal

During times of heavy activity, it's best to avoid running the garbage disposal. Throw food scraps into the garbage or composting bin, and consider blocking your disposal switch altogether to prevent a guest from accidentally using your system and causing an issue.


Being mindful of your septic tank use during the holidays can help keep your system performing its best. To ensure your system is ready for the season, a septic evaluation, pumping or maintenance might be in order. Call the professionals at Northland Septic Maintenance in Backus, MN, at (888) 454-4999 or visit them online to learn more about why they have been the Twin Cities’ go-to resource for septic solutions for nearly 20 years.

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