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When Do You Need a Criminal Law Attorney? November 12, 2018

Sparta, Monroe
When Do You Need a Criminal Law Attorney?, Sparta, Wisconsin

Police and prosecutors are skilled investigators, adept at making suspects believe that cooperating is in their best interests and hiring a criminal law attorney would be a mistake. However, despite their sometimes friendly demeanor, the sole concern of law enforcement is building a case. Hiring a defense attorney as soon as possible is the only way to ensure someone fights for your interests.

When Should You Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney?

You’ve Been Called in for Questioning

criminal lawIf you’ve been detained, police are required to inform you of your rights, which is why investigators will try to convince suspects to submit to questions voluntarily. During these interviews, they likely won’t tell you that you have the right to an attorney, but anything you say can be used against you later. A criminal law attorney will sit with you throughout the interrogation, ensuring you’re treated fairly and providing the real-time guidance you need.

You’ve Been Served With a Warrant

When police have probable cause to suspect you have evidence in your possession, a judge will issue a warrant. These documents should describe exactly what the police are looking for and where they’re allowed to search, but investigators often overstep these boundaries. If possible, arrange to have a criminal law attorney present when the police conduct the search. Otherwise, take photos of the scene when the search is completed and keep a copy of the warrant for their review.

You’ve Been Charged With a Crime

Even misdemeanors can have a dramatic impact on your life, so it’s best to have a professional advocating for your interests. If you’re facing criminal charges, an attorney can negotiate with the prosecutor on your behalf, ensure all proper procedures are followed, and defend you at trial, if necessary.


Whether you’re involved in an investigation or have been charged with a crime, the defense attorneys at Osborne, Tripp & Schmidt will provide the zealous representation and individualized service you need. They pride themselves on being friendly and approachable, striving to build relationships with their clients throughout Sparta, WI. Visit their website or call (608) 269-2400 to schedule a free consultation with a criminal law attorney, and follow their Twitter page for more tips and insight.

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