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How to Plan a Burial Service November 9, 2018

Medford, Brookhaven
How to Plan a Burial Service , Brookhaven, New York

Upon the death of a loved one, there are often so many responsibilities to take care of that you’ll feel overwhelmed. One of the most important decisions you must make is planning a burial service that honors your loved one. To help you with this task, below is a brief guide to designing the right burial service for the departed.

A Guide to Designing Burial Services

Choosing a Final Resting Place

Were the departed deeply committed to the environment? Were they devoted to their faith? Depending on their beliefs, cremation may be more appropriate than burial. Choose a method of disposition that suits your loved one’s values. Then decide where their remains will be laid to rest. Whether the remains are in a casket or an urn, you may bury them in a cemetery. Note that some cemeteries permit upright monuments, while others – called lawn cemeteries – feature only small plaques placed at ground level. You may also want to explore cemeteries that offer interment in a mausoleum or columbarium. 

Choosing an Urn or Casket

burial serviceGenerally, remains rest either in a casket or, if they are cremated, in an urn or other decorative container. Both urns and caskets can be as ornate or as unadorned as you prefer. If you like, you can also have keepsake jewelry made to hold the ashes, so your loved one will always be with you. Consult with your funeral home to see what they offer. 

Arranging the Service

The length and type of service is entirely up to you, and there’s no wrong way to do it. It can include just a few words from an officiant or an entire doctrinal service, including the singing of hymns and the reading of Bible passages. Many people ask friends and family members to say a few words in remembrance or to tell favorite stories about the departed. If your loved one was a veteran, consider requesting an honor guard. You may also elect not to have a burial service, and instead hold a memorial service at a later time. 

To design the perfect burial service to commemorate your loved one, contact New York Atlantic Funeral Services in Medford, NY. They've been serving Long Island for more than a decade. Their kind, respectful, and professional staff will help with all elements of funeral planning from cremation decisions to grief counseling. Visit their website to review a list of burial options or call (631) 732-0570 to speak with a compassionate funeral director.

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