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3 Tips to Prepare Your RV for Winter November 13, 2018

Dothan, Houston
3 Tips to Prepare Your RV for Winter, Dothan, Alabama

Now that cold weather is almost here, you may be considering putting your RV away until spring. There are a few important steps you can take in this case, from properly storing your vehicle to inquiring about reductions for your RV insurance. Read on to learn more about cold-weather prep for your recreational vehicle.

How to Get Your RV Ready for Cold Weather

1. Give It a Good Wash

Before storing your RV for the season, a thorough wash is a must. Dirt and debris can degrade materials over time, while mildew can build up and cause an unfortunate odor. While washing, be sure to clean the entire vehicle. This includes the body, both sides of tires and wheel wells, and windows and doors. Also, make sure seals are tight to prevent cold air and moisture from making their way into the vehicle. The RV should be completely dry before you store it away.

2. Keep Pests Out

rv insuranceA wide range of pests, including rodents, can easily make their way through cracks and crevices within your RV. To prevent this from happening, stuff larger holes with steel wool, while smaller cracks can be sealed up with caulking. If you’re using a tarp covering and storing the vehicle outside, you can also put bug and mouse traps under the RV. A good way to prevent insects from getting inside is to close off AC vents.

3. Find Out If You Can Get Your RV Insurance Premiums Reduced

You can actually have your RV insurance reduced during the off-season. One way to do this: Drop everything except comprehensive coverage since collisions with other vehicles are almost certain not to occur. You can also cut back on insurance costs by increasing your deductible during the winter months or removing coverage for towing.


As a trusted provider of RV insurance in Dothan, AL, Aaron Insurance Agency knows firsthand how much their clients cherish the freedom offered by their recreational vehicles. That’s why they go above and beyond to provide only the best insurance coverage, whether you’re looking for protection against crashes or are in search of supplemental insurance. They’ll also look for ways to get the lowest rates possible without sacrificing the quality of the coverage. Call (334) 712-0777 today to speak to an agent about your specific insurance needs. You can also visit them online to get a no-obligation quote.

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