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3 Types of Water Heaters to Consider November 8, 2018

Eagan, Dakota
3 Types of Water Heaters to Consider, Eagan, Minnesota

As the cold weather intensifies, you’ll want your shower to be as warm as needed. Whether you most relish a bath or shower, most modern households rely on water heaters. There are different types of these plumbing fixtures, so it takes some research to determine which is best for your family and home. Here is a guide to three of the most popular kinds. 

Water Heaters to Know About

1. Storage Tank

plumbing fixtureThe water heater you’re most familiar with is a standard tank model. With this plumbing fixture, the water within the unit heats up and stays warm due to the tank's insulation. These systems are best for smaller families or homes where there is a lower need for hot water. Once the tank runs out of hot water, it will have to heat up the next supply again, creating a delay. Because of that limitation, this type of water heater tends to be your most affordable option up front. 

2. Tankless 

This type of water heater produces hot water via electric coils instead of with a tank. With this on-demand system, you can have hot water the instant you need it. But to run such a powerful machine, you may need to upgrade your electric or gas system. Tankless water heaters are more expensive, though they are energy efficient, allowing you to save money in the long term. For residents that can afford them, they’re a great option if you have a growing family so everyone can have warm water without waiting for a tank to refill.

3. Heat Pumps

These environmentally-friendly water heaters work by removing heat from the air to raise the temperature of your water. Because of that natural energy source, these devices are perfect for families who want to be more environmentally sustainable. The efficiency will also help offset the higher purchase price by netting you savings on your utility bills each month. One limitation is that these systems are not as plug-and-play as the others. They don’t work as well in cold parts of the country, and they require a large amount of space around them so they can draw in air. 


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