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What Should You Do With a Slow Computer? November 14, 2018

West Loop, Chicago
What Should You Do With a Slow Computer?, Chicago, Illinois

Whether you use a laptop for work or personal reasons, a slow-running device is always a frustrating hassle. Factors, such as the age of the device and how much hard drive space you have left, play considerable roles in your laptop’s speed, and you might need professional computer repair to solve the problem. Use the following tips to help determine whether professional services are necessary.

Restart the System

Sometimes, all your computer needs is a restart, especially if you never turn it off. Computers that never get a break tend to run slower than those that are turned off for hours at a time. You may also want to back up the operating system before the restart and reinstall it once the device is back on for additional speediness.

Run a Virus Scan

Viruses, spyware, and malware slow even the most efficient computers. Use antivirus software to scan your computer for viruses and other bugs running in the background; the software will clean your computer of viruses to help it operate quickly. Check your computer for any other programs running in the background after you finish the virus scan, as startup programs and unused files and software clog up computer systems to make them considerably slower.

Clear the Browser History

computer repairPasswords, temporary files, websites, and any other files stored in the hard drive from your browsing history also slow down the device. Clear your browser history regularly by clicking “Tools” and the “Clear Recent History” or “Delete Browsing History” button, depending on what browser you use.

Take It in for a Professional Assessment

If none of your efforts help the computer operate at a faster rate, take the device in for a professional assessment. Any knowledgeable expert will let you know whether you need to perform a few more tasks on your own or require computer repairs. Depending on the age of the device, it may be better to purchase a new laptop.


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