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4 Mistakes to Avoid While Driving This Holiday Season November 7, 2018

4 Mistakes to Avoid While Driving This Holiday Season, Ewa, Hawaii

With the holiday season right around the corner, you’re likely busy preparing gifts, decorations, and party plans. All these responsibilities plus the excitement of the festivities may make you more susceptible to holiday driving mistakes. Check out the most common ones below so you can avoid them and reach your destination safely without needing to call upon a towing service.

Don’t Make These Common Holiday Travel Mistakes

1. Using Your Phone

There’s a lot to coordinate during the holidays, and it can be tempting to send a quick text to family members or double-check an online order while on the road. Distracted driving, however, leads to thousands of fatal accidents every year. Instead of checking your phone while behind the wheel, send an ETA text before heading out, only check in during pit stops along the way, and plan your route ahead of time.

2. Not Tuning-Up Before Heading Out

towing servicesCalling a tow truck because of a broken down vehicle shouldn’t be on your holiday to-do list. Avoid the inconvenience by scheduling a professional tune-up before setting off. Fluids will be topped off, tires will be examined, and any mechanical issues will be sorted out before they have the chance to throw a wrench into your holiday travels.

3. Driving While Impaired

Raise your glass to the holidays! But don’t head out on the road while impaired. Hundreds of drunk driving fatalities occur during the holiday season alone. Whether you’re planning on drinking during a work function or a family get-together, find an alternate means of transportation to return home afterward. Ride-share apps provide easy access to safe car service, or good old-fashioned family hospitality can provide a bed to sleep off the revelry until the next morning.

4. Driving While Exhausted

No matter how much there is to do before traveling for the holidays, you need to make time for rest. A recent study found that nearly 10% of all accidents involve drowsiness, and there’s only one surefire way to avoid becoming part of that statistic: sleep. Singing, caffeine, or rolling down the window are all only temporary means of fending off drowsiness. Sooner or later, your exhaustion will catch up to you. To avoid calling a towing service after an accident, get at least seven hours of sleep before traveling. If you feel sleepy while driving, pull over to a safe area off the road and take a short nap to refresh yourself.


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