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3 Furnace Repair Issues That Reduce Efficiency November 15, 2018

Grand Rapids, Wood
3 Furnace Repair Issues That Reduce Efficiency, Grand Rapids, Wisconsin

With cold weather already affecting Wisconsin, a functional furnace is essential for your comfort and safety. However, this vital appliance uses a lot of energy. If you’re dealing with unresolved furnace repair issues, you’ll likely see your utility bills skyrocket as energy efficiency continuously declines. Here are a few common repair problems that could be affecting your unit’s efficiency.

Top 3 Furnace Repairs That Improve Efficiency

1. Dirty Air Filter

furnace repairOver time, the furnace filter collects dust and other debris. This restricts airflow, which forces the furnace to work harder to heat your home adequately. Efficiency decreases, and the risk for problems increases. Replacing dirty filters is a simple yet effective fix. It is generally recommended that you replace old air filters every 2 to 3 months. This task can be performed on your own, but you should double check to ensure your new filter matches the measurement of the old one.

2. Poor Insulation

Sometimes, energy efficiency problems aren’t connected to the furnace, but they are a result of poor sealing and insulation. This could be due to a lack of proper insulation within the walls or inadequate seals around the window. Poor insulation will cause heat to escape to the outside in the affected area. You’ll often notice that certain rooms feel much colder than the rest of the house, even when the furnace is running.

3. Old Equipment

As your equipment ages, its performance will naturally decline. If your higher energy bills are paired with an ever-increasing need for repairs in a furnace that is over 10 years old, a new furnace will likely be your best solution. It is best to consult with a professional contractor to determine if you should replace your old unit and to select a new heating system that will best meet your household needs.


Don’t let a furnace repair problem put your family at risk this winter. Rapids Sheet Metal Heating & Cooling has served Wood County, WI, since 1915, with 24/7 emergency service available to help you when you need it most. To learn more about the services offered by this heating contractor, visit them online, and call (715) 421-5555 to request a free quote.

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