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FasTracKids Is Now Offering a Robotics Program November 20, 2018

Williamsburg, Brooklyn
FasTracKids Is Now Offering a Robotics Program, Brooklyn, New York

The educators at FasTracKids strive to provide youngsters throughout Brooklyn, NY, with math, reading, and enrichment opportunities to boost brain function, build socialization skills, and provide the foundation to reach academic success. In an effort to help kids broaden their interests in different disciplines, the learning center now offers robotics classes. Here’s a closer look at the robotics programs and the many ways it benefits children. 

Classes Reinforce STEM Learning Principles

FasTracKids’ robotics classes allow students to focus on the technology and engineering aspects of their STEM education. Using construction toys called Cubelets, kids can attach the individual building blocks to create modular robots. The hands-on activities introduce engineering and programming principles, as well as how to use computational-thinking skills to solve different problems. Introducing children to technology early in life could generate a life-long interest, increasing the likelihood they will gravitate toward jobs in the science, technology, and digital realms later.

Youngsters Are Encouraged to Take a Free Trial Class

Brooklyn-New-York-learning-centerPlaying with new gadgets can be fun or overwhelming for kids, which is why the instructors at the learning center encourage youngsters to sign up for the free trial classes. The session provides a quick introduction to the construction tools and how they are used to build different mechanisms. Classes are open to children ages four to 10. Space is limited to eight students, so remember to sign up as soon as possible to reserve a slot. 

Beyond the robotics classes, the learning center also offers reading and math enrichment programs to make students excited about their studies, more eager to participate in class, and better test-takers. To sign up for a free trial session, call (347) 987-4450. A representative is happy to share information and additional resources about the robotics program. You can also visit the Brooklyn-based learning center online to fill out a request form. Keep in touch on Facebook to stay in the loop regarding fun events happening at the Center. 

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