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How to Choose a Location for Water Well Drilling November 8, 2018

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How to Choose a Location for Water Well Drilling, Quitman, Georgia

Whether you want to control the quality of your water supply or save money on your monthly bills, drilling a well on your property offers significant benefits. However, before water well drilling can begin, you must find the best site on your property for the location. Below are a few factors that can help you select the perfect spot.

Where Should You Have Your Water Well Drilled?

Locate Contaminants

To avoid any health or safety hazards, you must locate any potential sources of contamination on your property. Some of the most common include mineral deposits, septic fields, fertilizer storage, and aboveground and underground storage for chemicals. Contact a local health official for a list of contamination sources that are relevant to your specific area.

Check Local Regulations

water well drillingYour town or county could have very specific local rules and regulations for water well drilling. When it comes to choosing a drilling site, there should be set guidelines to determine the minimum distance from a contamination source. Other well owners in the area could give you additional information about the local soil and water supply.

Find the Direction of Groundwater Flow

Locating the flow of groundwater in your area is critical to finding the best location for your water well. It’s best to drill in an uphill area so the groundwater will flow away from the well. This provides protection from flooding and contamination. If you are unable to determine the direction on your own, a water well drilling expert can conduct an in-depth analysis.


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