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3 Styles of Roofing for Climates with Harsh Winters November 8, 2018

Onalaska, La Crosse County
3 Styles of Roofing for Climates with Harsh Winters, Onalaska, Wisconsin

When selecting roofing, people tend to think of which options are the most durable and look the best on their style of home. However, those who reside in areas with particularly snowy, windy winters should consider this season as a major factor. Here are three types of roofing that fare well in harsh, cold climates to help you find the perfect fit for your home.

3 Durable Roofing Options for Winter

1. Metal Roofing

Metal roofing is popular because it can be recycled, is easy to install, and is a great base for solar panel installation. Homeowners in the Midwest will appreciate that it encourages snow to fall off without having to use a long roof shovel. Metal roofing typically features standing seams with hidden fasteners that interlock to create fewer potential areas for heat loss and water leaks when springtime comes. 

2. Slate or Tile

Heavier roofing options provide more durability and are less likely to be affected by a blizzard or high winter winds. That’s why many roofing companies encourage Wisconsin-area homeowners to opt for tile or slate, which can handle heavy snow and winds. Talk with a roofer to learn whether your house can handle these heavy roofing options. If not, look into composite shingles that are lighter weight but offer similar benefits. 

3. Cedar Wood Shingles

roofing Onalaska WICedar offers insulating powers not found in other roofing options that can improve home energy efficiency and can lower utility bills. While these shingles require seasonal maintenance to minimize mold and moss growth, they’re great at weatherproofing. Cedar roofing comes in many colors and styles, allowing homeowners to personalize their house while gaining the perks of the unique material.


People interested in installing winter-ready roofing should contact Coulee Region Roofing & Siding in La Crosse County, WI. Their team has nearly 30 years of experiencing providing residential and commercial roofing and siding installations. Call (608) 780-5582 or visit the website for information on their exterior contracting services, competitive pricing and well-trained, friendly team of builders.

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