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3 Signs Your Pet is Diabetic November 8, 2018

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3 Signs Your Pet is Diabetic, High Point, North Carolina

November is Pet Diabetes Month, and veterinarians across the nation are spreading awareness and educating pet owners about this serious condition. Did you know roughly one in 300 dogs and one in 230 adult cats have diabetes? There are signs that could indicate an issue with blood sugar levels in your dog or cat. Learn below if your pet should visit an animal hospital for diabetes testing. 

How to Tell if Your Dog or Cat Might Have Diabetes

1. Excessive Thirst & Urination

When your pet has high levels of sugar in the blood, this transfers to their urine, pulling water from the bloodstream along with it. Therefore, your animal Veterinarianwill feel thirsty due to lack of water in the system while simultaneously needing to urinate more frequently. The quickest way to understand your dog or cat’s ongoing need to drink is by visiting your veterinarian, as they can perform a urine test to determine the amount of glucose present. 

2. Weight Loss, Yet Increased Hunger 

Does your dog or cat have a ravenous appetite? While most animals rarely say no to a meal, there is a major difference between healthy hunger and an animal that’s having trouble absorbing sugar. If your pet is constantly begging and eating excessive amounts, yet appears to be losing weight, their bodies may not be producing sufficient insulin for a healthy digestion process. 

3. Weakness & Lethargy

Sugar and carbohydrates are absorbed by cells and transferred into energy. When this process is hindered by decreased insulin levels, your pet will demonstrate mood changes. A lethargic pet that appears weak and uninterested in play despite ample rest and plenty of food and water could have a health issue like diabetes that needs to be addressed.

Your veterinarian will test for hyperglycemia and glucosuria, often opting for additional blood tests to rule out other conditions, particularly in older dogs. If diagnosed with diabetes, your cat or dog can have a healthy, happy life with the proper monitoring and treatment.


If you’re a pet owner in the Piedmont Triad region of North Carolina, High Point Veterinary Hospital offers a state-of-the-art facility and well-trained veterinarians committed to providing lifelong, compassionate pet care. Since 2004, locals have counted on this animal hospital to treat their furry friends as members of the family. If your dog or cat is showing any of the signs noted above, call today at (336) 889-3832 to schedule an appointment. To explore monthly specials and to take a virtual tour in advance of your visit, check out their website

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