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5 Home Prep Tips Before You Go on Vacation November 26, 2018

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5 Home Prep Tips Before You Go on Vacation, Indian Trail, North Carolina

A vacation allows you to get away and recharge, but it also means an unattended home. Rather than leaving your septic system and everything else that makes up a functional household unchecked, perform a few tasks that will ensure a safe and healthy home upon your return. The following will add a lot of peace of mind to your relaxing vacation.

Getting Your Home Ready Before You Take a Trip

1. Shut off the Water Main

Turn off the water main to protect your home from flooding in the event of a leak. Any burst pipe will keep leaking water when the main is left on, as will a faulty water heater. Test whether the main is shut off by turning on a faucet and seeing if the water keeps running after a few seconds.

2. Unplug Everything & Check Smoke Detectors

septic systemUnplug all appliances and electronics to help protect your home against fire. Anything plugged in draws energy whether it is on or not, so you’ll save money on utility bills, too. Check your smoke detectors as well to replace failing batteries.

3. Inspect the Water Heater

Check around your water heater for signs of leaks. Look for corrosion buildup on the cold and hot water feeds since rust also indicates a leaking appliance. Put the water heater on “vacation” mode before you leave to save extra money on your energy bills.

4. Test Your Sump Pump

Pour water into the sump pump pit in your basement. If the appliance is working the pump switch will immediately turn on and begin pumping water out of the pit. Should this not happen, check the pump’s outlet and get the appliance serviced if necessary.

5. Schedule Septic Tank Cleaning

Get your septic system pumped before you go on vacation if you will be gone for more than a month. The enzyme and bacteria biosphere inside the tank begins to break down without new bacteria from household toilets and drains, causing it to process waste less efficiently. Septic pumping provides a relatively clean tank when you get back home. If you’re still concerned about slow waste breakdown after your return, flush a bacteria colony down your toilet to stimulate existing bacteria.


Schedule septic system pumping and maintenance with the experienced team at Septic Pumping Service before you embark on your next adventure. Proudly serving Indian Trail, NC, and the surrounding areas, this family-owned and -operated company offers over 20 years of experience as well as 24/7 emergency services. Call (704) 821-8001 today to schedule an appointment or visit the website for cleaning and maintenance details. Read the latest reviews on Yelp.

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