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5 Types of Shellfish to Savor at Your Next Meal November 7, 2018

Harlem, Manhattan
5 Types of Shellfish to Savor at Your Next Meal, Manhattan, New York

Whether dipped in succulent butter or fried to golden perfection, shellfish are sure to tantalize the taste buds. Thanks to oceans and other freshwater channels, enjoying a wide range of scrumptious seafood remains a scrumptious indulgence. Here’s a helpful guide on the different types of shellfish for your appetizing pleasure.

5 Popular Types of Shellfish

1. Shrimp

This well-known crustacean comes in 12 different species and various sizes. Their signature pinkish-coral color emerges when cooked for a few minutes on medium heat. They can be bought with their shells, heads, and veins off or on. Shrimp is also available fresh or frozen in seafood markets.

2. Conch

Housed in a beautiful spiral-shaped shell is conch, which is a mollusk found in tropical waters. Bahamians and other Caribbean natives are considered the masters of preparing the fleshy, white meat in various dishes — such as fritters and conch salad. After the conch is removed, the shell is often used as a decorative piece.

3. Lobster

seafoodThe Northwest Atlantic coastal waters are home to this popular crustacean. Lobsters belong to the invertebrate species, which means they don’t have a backbone. With their large claws, spiny exteriors, and ten legs, these crustaceans continue to be a mainstay delicacy at seafood restaurants. The sweet, tender meat is scrumptious when dipped in butter or served in scampi sauce, lobster rolls, and paella.

4. Crabs

From soft-shell and blue to Dungeness and king, crabs provide a spectrum of amazing choices. The shellfish is widely sought after for its tasty claw meat. It’s also versatile in several appealing recipes, including crab boils and cakes. The crustacean is typically kept alive before cooking to ensure the freshest taste.

5. Crawfish

Similar in appearance to its larger cousin, the lobster, crawfish is widely revered for its delicious tail meat. Connoisseurs relish the act of breaking through the shell and sucking out the savory morsels. Like other shellfish, the freshwater crustacean adapts well in many recipes such as crawfish boils, chowders, and étouffée.


These are just a few of the many types of appetizing shellfish. Lolo’s Seafood Shack in New York City is where the locals and tourists come for mouthwatering dishes. Combining Caribbean and Cape Cod seasonings with fresh seafood, the hometown restaurant offers a menu designed to please everyone’s unique palate. Stop by today to savor a zesty crab leg and shrimp steam pot, or linger over a delectable soft shell crab sandwich. Call (646) 649-3356 to inquire about catering for special occasions and corporate events. Check out the website to access the bistro’s full menu and to place your order online.

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