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5 Must-Have Jewelry Trends This Season November 7, 2018

Garment District, Manhattan
5 Must-Have Jewelry Trends This Season, Manhattan, New York

To look your best this fall, consider updating your jewelry selection with fashionable pieces that will carry you into 2019. Jewelry manufacturers, designers, and industry insiders have identified a few major shifts in the market this season. Supplement your classic collection by adding these hot trends in your jewelry box, or incorporate them when designing your own pieces. 

5 Freshest Jewelry Trends Right Now

1. Multifunction Jewelry

Jewelry manufacturers have brought a wide selection of convertible, multifunction jewelry to the market this season. Look for necklaces with detachable earrings and ring sets with mix-and-match components. Some options can even be put to work, like bottle opener rings or smart jewelry that combine beauty and tech. 

2. Matte Colors

jewelry manufacturersIf you’re looking for a piece with a splash of color, transparent gemstones are out. Instead, choose an enamel piece or opaque stones like carnelian and agate. Blue-green is this year’s most coveted color for jewelry, so stones like jade and turquoise are especially good choices.

3. Chunky Chains

Instead of opting for a pendant or a charm, make a statement with a heavy chain for your necklace or bracelet. This look is simple and straightforward, but still eye-catching, making it perfect for your next dinner party or work event.

4. Chandelier Earrings

Jewelry manufacturers are focused on chandelier earrings this season. A simple gold or silver base with colored stones looks elegant with any outfit and will help frame and elongate your face and neck.

5. Pearls

Always a classic, pearls are back in full force this season. But don’t just choose a plain string of white pearls – instead, look for variety in size, shape, and color, which will add visual interest to your choice and create a more modern look.


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