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How Virtual Reality Helps Event Organizers November 7, 2018

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How Virtual Reality Helps Event Organizers, Silver Spring, Maryland

As an event organizer, you know that taking your program to the next level is the best way to impress clients. New technologies like augmented and virtual reality are the best way to dazzle your clients. From huge corporations to enterprising startups, immersive technology is having a real impact at trade shows and product launches all over the world. The following is a primer on this cutting-edge tech and how it will make your next gathering memorable. 

An Event Planner’s Guide to Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality vs. Augmented Reality

Virtual RealityTo get the most out of tech, you’ll first need to understand the difference between virtual and augmented reality. Once the stuff of science fiction, virtual reality (VR) is the creation of a digital 3D world that users access via special eyewear or other devices. VR has made waves in the gaming world since it allows players to completely immerse themselves in an artificial environment.

Augmented reality (AR) combines the real world and digital elements for a truly unique hybrid experience. Perhaps the best example of AR is Pokemon Go®, which enabled players to find fantastical creatures in real life using their smartphones. Of course, VR and AR both have uses beyond the gaming world.

Event Planning Applications

When organizing an event with AR or VR in mind, you’re truly only limited by your imagination. While many people use AR or VR to entertain event attendees, it has other practical benefits. Some event planners have utilized AR to bring their products into a venue without the hassle of shipping large items or finding space to accommodate them. This is particularly useful within the automotive industry, which routinely arranges shows to display new vehicles.

For VR, many companies have their eyes set on experiential marketing, which allows participants to observe products in such detail that they’ll gain a greater understanding of its operation. VR can also be used to provide virtual tours of company headquarters and retail spaces, or bring architectural models to life. This helps attendees visualize spaces they can’t visit in person or that don’t yet exist. 

While virtual reality may not be in common use yet, it’s the event planning technology of the future. In Silver Spring, MD, CRōME VR is pioneering the use of VR. Their team provides VR stations and specialists to help attendees get the most out of their experience. Serving Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Northern Virginia, they make the power and innovation of a bold new world accessible to all. Call (301) 984-0500 or like them on Facebook to stay up to date on all the latest happenings.

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