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5 Questions for Singles to Ask During a Speed Date November 7, 2018

Pembroke, Detroit
5 Questions for Singles to Ask During a Speed Date, Detroit, Michigan

As an alternative to the lengthy getting-to-know-you process, speed dates provide participants with a swift way for singles to talk to prospective mates without committing to a full-length date. You only have a few moments to make a lasting impression on someone, so it makes a difference if you can ask clear, focused questions. Here are a few options to try.

The Right Questions to Ask on a Speed Date

1. What Do You Do for a Living?

You don’t need to delve so deep into careers that it turns into a job interview, but learning about the person’s professional background can give you a clearer understanding of their interests and motivations. A person who works in a creative field is likely to have a dramatically different background from one who works in the business world.

2. Who Are You Closest to in the World?

Most people have at least one meaningful relationship that they value more than anything else. It may be a best friend, parent, sibling, or mentor. This answer will provide you with some insight into what is important to your prospective match on a personal level.

3. Where Is the Best Place You Have Traveled?

singleTraveling is something that many people value and anticipate doing at some point in life. If you’re interested in meeting singles who share this interest, then this answer will be very telling. You might be pulled into a fascinating discussion about far-flung locations around the globe—and it could open the door to the idea of reaching future destinations together.

4. What Was the Best Day of Your Life?

This question may unveil some very special information about the person’s life, interests, and background. It may be something simple, like a concert they attended, or something momentous and life-changing, like a professional achievement.

5. What Do You Consider to Be Your Best Trait?

How you describe yourself to another person can also be an interesting icebreaker. This gives you insight into how the person views their personality, where their confidence stems, and how they present themselves to others.


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