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Benefits of the Alkota® Hot Water 213AX4 Pressure Washer January 31, 2019

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Benefits of the Alkota® Hot Water 213AX4 Pressure Washer, Hooks, Texas

No two pressure washer models are alike. Just like with cars, vacuums, or heavy-duty equipment, the type of pressure washer you choose can have a major impact on user experience as well as results. This year, you should upgrade to an Alkota Hot Water 213AX4 pressure washer. As the most advanced and widely-coveted model in the industry, you can count on its usability coupled with supreme specifications.


The Alkota 213AX4 hot power washer relies on an innovative triplex pump, which operates in oil to ensure quiet operation. It also offers temperature control options that many competing options lack. The four-wheel design allows for ease of transport over every surface, while its compact size allows for easy storage. 

Performance & Safety

pressure washerThe 213AX4 pressure washer features Alkota’s staple high-efficiency, insulated 96-foot hydro coil. As an industry leader, the coil ensures safety while hosing down buildings, surfaces, and equipment of all kinds. The system is also incredibly fuel-efficient. On average, the device consumes about 1.25 gallons per hour. Coupled with a 2.3 horsepower engine and 1,300 psi, consumers across the board will be pleased with the excellent performance features the power washer offers.

Warranty & Add-Ons

Customers looking for a long-term, reliable investment should choose the 213AX4 pressure washer. Alkota is so confident in its product that they offer a seven-year warranty on the coil. The device also comes with a free industrial hose, quick connect nozzle, an insulated trigger gun with a safety lock, an insulated wand, and a winterizing valve to prevent the device from freezing amid cold winter temperatures.


To purchase the Alkota 213AX4 hot power washer, head to 4 States Pressure Washers in Texarkana, TX. As the area’s top Alkota and Largo® authorized dealer, you can count on the premier destination to provide the insider knowledge and expertise you need to make the right decision. They also offer a variety of degreasers, chemical solutions, and pressure washer parts to suit every need. To learn more about services, visit the Bowie County business online or call today at (903) 547-1247.

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