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Why You Should Add Storm Doors & Windows Before Winter November 21, 2018

Waukesha, Waukesha
Why You Should Add Storm Doors & Windows Before Winter, Waukesha, Wisconsin

To keep you, your loved ones, and your home safe from the elements, consider storm door and window replacement before the upcoming winter. These fixtures serve as an extra layer of protection against heavy snow and rain and can keep your home warmer during the cold season ahead. Here are a few reasons why you should consider door and window replacement before it gets even colder. 

Why Storm Door & Window Replacement Is a Smart Option This Winter

1. Protect Your Home

Snow, sleet, rain, and intense winds can all cause major damage to your home. Storm windows will help keep your home safe from impact damage as well as water damage from leaks. Similarly, a storm door can keep your main entry door safe from elemental damage that can require repair or replacement. This also improves the lifespan of your current windows and doors and helps minimize the need for painting, caulking, and sealing in the future. 

2. Keep Your Home Warm

window replacementStorm door and window replacement provide a barrier against the cold weather and support your home’s insulation by preventing air from escaping. During those cold winter nights, the interior of your home will be more comfortable as more warm air is kept inside of your home. 

3. Reduce Energy Costs

When warm air is able to escape your home, your HVAC is forced to work overtime in order to keep your dwelling warm. Since storm windows and doors help keep warm air inside of your home, your system will have less work to do. This not only saves on current electricity costs, but it also helps prevent pricey HVAC repairs down the road. 


If you need storm door and window replacement in your home, trust the experts at BGS Glass Service in Waukesha, WI. They’ve been serving the greater Milwaukee area since 1970 and provide professional results for residential and commercial clients. In addition to door and window installation, they also specialize in frameless showers, plate glass, shower doors, and more. Learn more about their services online or by calling (262) 513-2806. 

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