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4 Dance Studio Tips For Flexibility November 7, 2018

Hamden, New Haven County
4 Dance Studio Tips For Flexibility, Hamden, Connecticut

Not only is flexibility crucial for becoming an excellent dancer, but it also increases strength and helps prevent injuries. While regular stretching promotes flexibility, there are several other things you can do to become more limber. Dance studios recommend these additional flexibility tips.

4 Ways to Become More Flexible

1. Stay Hydrated

dance studioAs a dancer, you likely already understand the importance of drinking plenty of water. Staying hydrated nourishes your muscles and tendons, permitting them to respond more quickly to stretching exercises. Keep water bottles with you during dance classes and rehearsals to ensure you replenish lost fluids.

2. Focus on Breathing

Did you know deep breathing improves your posture? Good posture, in turn, assists with flexibility. Devote about three to five minutes of each day to breathing exercises. Allow the breath to move beyond your lungs and into your diaphragm and belly.

3. Do Range of Motion Workouts

The next time you go to the gym, practice using a broader range of motion in your workouts. For instance, when you lift weights, choose lighter ones that will allow you more freedom to move in different ways. You might also vary the depth of your squats or reach a little bit further in yoga poses.

4. Schedule Massage Therapy

After hard workouts and dance studio sessions, your muscles and tendons will tighten up, which compromises your agility. Massage therapy relieves knots and tension, helping you become more flexible. Massage also treats and protects against injuries.


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