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3 Essential Tips for Preparing for a Personal Injury Case November 21, 2018

3 Essential Tips for Preparing for a Personal Injury Case, ,

Whether you’re the victim of an auto crash or a dog bite, suffering a personal injury can have life-altering consequences and significantly affect your personal finances. When another’s liability has contributed to your injury, seeking the help of a qualified personal injury attorney is vital for receiving needed compensation. The following tips will help you get ready for your meeting.

Top 3 Prep Tips for Your Personal Injury Case

1. Lifestyle Consequences

personal injuryOne of the biggest factors impacting your case will be how your injury has affected your quality of life. Keep a list of all pains and inconveniences you’ve suffered as a result of the incident—both physical and emotional. You should especially keep track of activities you can no longer perform, or that cause pain when you didn’t have pain before.

2. Get Names & Numbers

Tracking symptoms and treatments is important, but you’ll typically need these claims to be validated by a qualified medical professional. Because of this, you must keep a list of medical professionals who have been involved in your recovery. Complete names and contact information are essential for your lawyer to establish your case.

3. Know the Financial Impact

Medical bills can add up quickly—but to receive compensation, you need to carefully track any and all expenses related to your accident. This includes invoices for medical bills, prescription receipts, and other financial consequences, such as proof of lost wages. These itemized lists will help your attorney determine an appropriate claim amount.


With adequate preparation, you can build a stronger case — especially with the help of a qualified legal team like The Law Office of Gregory S. Young. Serving the Greater Cincinnati, OH, area since 1958, these personal injury experts have several satellite offices and are available 24/7 to assist with your case. To learn more about their areas of expertise or to schedule a free consultation, visit them online or call (513) 721-1077.