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3 Celebrations to Host at a Bar November 7, 2018

Lincoln, Lancaster
3 Celebrations to Host at a Bar, Lincoln, Nebraska

One of the great joys in life is having the opportunity to connect with loved ones and memorialize holidays and rites of passage together. While your schedule and budget may not allow for hosting big parties at home or renting event spaces, planning a social function at a bar or cocktail lounge is easy, fun, and eliminates unnecessary pressure. If you’re looking at your annual calendar, here are a few celebrations that fit a pub setting. 

Best Events to Have at a Bar

1. Anniversary

Your wedding was a social affair and so, why not turn your anniversary into another opportunity to gather with your favorite people? Planning an anniversary at a bar is a lively, yet intimate way to celebrate another year together. Instead of an expensive one-on-one evening, keep it casual and low pressure. And, of course, engagement, bachelor, and bachelorette parties at bars are a tried-and-true tradition.

2. Birthday Party

BarInstead of going to the trouble of cleaning, decorating, and hosting friends and family members at your place, plan a birthday gathering at your favorite bar. Not only does this take the stress off you, but it allows your invitees a chance to really unwind. And in lieu of gifts, you can just request that everybody pay their own tab. 

3. Work Accomplishment

As much fun as holidays and birthdays are, finding a reason to meet up with friends and family to honor life’s little wins is just as important. After you make a big sale, get a promotion, or decide to retire, plan a get-together at a bar. It will let everyone have an opportunity to give cheers for the impressive milestone without breaking the bank. 


Lancaster’s Lounge & Off-Sale is a family-owned and operated bar and cocktail lounge that has become a mainstay for residents throughout Lincoln, NE, and the surrounding areas since its opening in 1989. If you’re looking for a fun, lively, and friendly atmosphere for your next occasion, call today at (402) 421-2474 for information on events. For more about their beer selection, drink specials, and celebratory ambiance, visit their website. 

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