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5 Signs You Need Bathroom Plumbing Repairs November 8, 2018

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5 Signs You Need Bathroom Plumbing Repairs, Anchorage, Alaska

Bathrooms are critical in any home, and ensuring the plumbing for these areas is in top shape is a priority. When fixtures in the bathroom are showing signs of a problem, calling for plumbing repairs will keep your home running without any interruption. Here are a few signs you need plumbing help.

How to Know Your Bathroom Needs Plumbing Repair

1. Low Water Pressure

A trickle when there should be a strong stream may mean something as minor as a clogged faucet head or as major as a burst pipe. If pressure does not improve after cleaning out scale or buildup on shower and faucet heads, a plumbing contractor can check for a block in your pipes, or worse, a broken area.

2. Slow Drips

plumbing repairSlow drips are typically an easy fix and usually require tightening or replacing parts of the faucet. If left unchecked, however, drips can lead to damage from the continual flow, and you will notice an increased water bill.

3. Noisy Pipes

A knocking sound emanating from your pipes can mean a few things. Usually, there are loose components such as valves or support straps, which can lead to damage if not handled quickly. Additionally, pressure in the pipes after running water through the shower, faucet, or washing machine can jostle pipes and create a noisy system. Plumbing repair will stop pipes from breaking and leaking from too much movement.

4. Unclear Water

When water coming out of faucets or in the tub is not clear, there is a problem. Sometimes when the main line breaks, you will see rust in the water, making it turn brown or yellow. This will resolve itself once the city makes repairs and you run the water for a while to clear out contamination. If water is cloudy, however, there is air in your pipes, and green or blue water indicates corrosion in your copper piping.

5. Slow Drains

Drains will clog now and then, and in most cases, a pipe snake can fix the issue. If the usual methods of drain cleaning don’t work, there may be a clog in a hard-to-reach area that only a plumbing expert can tackle.


Located in Anchorage, AK, Chugach Sewer and Drain is a locally owned, fully licensed plumbing repair company that will help with drain cleaning, sewer repair, and septic pumping. Their emergency plumbing services ensure that help is on the way when you need it most. They also assist commercial clients and provide inspections to ensure your system is running efficiently. For an appointment or emergency help, call (907) 929-5072. Visit their website for more details about their expert services.

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