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Signs of an Electrical Overload: Tips From Your Local Home Wiring Expert June 24, 2015

Branford, New Haven County
Signs of an Electrical Overload: Tips From Your Local Home Wiring Expert, Branford, Connecticut

Every household relies on electricity! When an electrical panel or outlet in the home starts acting up, it’s not just inconvenient—it can be downright dangerous! The staff at NJF Electric Services, LLC knows that you need electricity in your home, but they don’t want that electricity to pose a danger to you or your family. With over 30 years of experience in the New Haven area, the staff at NJF Electric Services, LLC has handled a full range of electrical services including home wiring.

They know that you may not necessarily know the signs of an electrical problem, so they’ve compiled a list so you know what  to watch for:


  • Sparks: Any time there are sparks coming from an outlet or an electrical panel, stop using that outlet or panel immediately! Turn off power to it and be on your guard for burning smells or smoke
  • Breakers: If the breakers are constantly tripping or fuses are blowing frequently, it’s likely time to upgrade the electrical panel on the house to supply more power.
  • Heat: If outlets, switches, or cords become warm to the touch, that’s a sure sign of a problem! While cords and outlets can become warm as current flows through them, they should never become hot. Unplug them immediately and turn off the breaker to any hot switches or outlets until the issue has been seen by an electrical professional.
  • Noises: There shouldn’t be any noises coming from the electrical panel in the home. These sounds indicate that the electrical system is becoming overloaded and that parts may be in need of replacing.

All these signs may indicate a possible electrical problem, and at the first sign of any of these problems, you need to call a professional electrical contractor. For additional information on electrical services, home wiring, or commercial electrical services offered by NJF Electrical Services, LLC, visit them online or call them at (203) 468-0356.