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3 Benefits of Custom Orthotics November 6, 2018

Financial District, Manhattan
3 Benefits of Custom Orthotics, Manhattan, New York

Do you deal with regular foot pain or have difficulty finding shoes that provide enough support? In many cases, orthotics are the answer, and for the best results, you’ll want custom ones from your podiatrist. Flat feet, high arches, and other podiatric issues can create constant discomfort. Each foot is different, which is why custom orthotics offer the most long-term benefits compared with store-bought solutions.

3 Advantages of Using Custom Orthotics

1. Precise Support

podiatrist-new-york-foot-experts Mass-produced insoles provide some degree of support, but they can’t always hit the areas they need to. With custom orthotics, you’re getting support in the exact areas your foot needs it. They can also be tailored to each foot and designed to eliminate pain; they will optimize your range of motion and mobility.

2. Pain Relief

Your feet absorb force throughout the day, and when you’re dealing with issues, you can experience constant foot pain. Custom orthotics from a podiatrist not only reduce foot pain by providing support and cushioning, but they also help prevent injuries so you can count on comfort throughout the day; you’ll be confident you won’t get hurt during rigorous activities.

3. Improved Performance

If you’re an athlete or love the gym, you want to optimize your body for the best performance. Orthotics not only ensure you’re able to jog, jump, and more comfortably — they also help improve performance. By aligning your body from the bottom up, you’ll find you have improved balance and mobility.


The team at New York Foot Experts is committed to ensuring patients have all the resources they need for foot health. With four convenient locations in New York City, they can assist with foot surgery and general treatment. A podiatrist will work closely with you every step of the way and can provide valuable foot care advice to prevent future issues. Call (212) 385-0801 today to schedule a podiatrist appointment, and visit their website to learn more about their practice.

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