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Add Embroidered Flair to Your Uniform at BB Embroidery Ltd. June 24, 2015

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Add Embroidered Flair to Your Uniform at BB Embroidery Ltd., Honolulu, Hawaii

The market for embroidered items keeps increasing. From the embroideries that the United States armed forces have on their uniforms to Girl Scout patches for their little green vests, BB Embroidery Ltd. in Honolulu, HI, has it all.

After 35 years of experience, BB Embroidery Ltd. has seen and done it all. They create custom apparel for a variety of businesses and venues. Their products are sold to many different groups such as:

  • Local Groups, Clubs and Teams: Whether it’s a professional organization or a once-a-week book club, showing your support with creative embroidery will make any outfit pop and feel festive!
  • Government Organizations and Military Groups: Being one of the largest organizations that uses embroidery on a daily basis for their uniforms, it’s very common for people to want their country’s insignias as part of their every day wear or on their beloved uniforms.
  • Sport Teams: Team uniforms are a great way to show your support for your local teams! Be it little league or professional sports, BB Embroidery Ltd. has the perfect designs for you.
  • Hotels and Restaurants: Particularly for those who work in the service industry, having the restaurant or hotel name embroidered on your uniform is a standard way of showing everyone that you work there and are ready to help!
  • Corporate and Large Businesses: BB Embroidery Ltd. can produce your promotional products such as calendars, mugs, pins, and desk items.

The best way to show your support of your country, your business, your teams, or even just add some flair to your uniforms, is to add embroidery to your custom garments. If you’re interested in promotional products, call BB Embroidery Ltd. today at (808) 841-7351, or visit them online to view all of their services, samples, and success stories!

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