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3 Plumbing FAQ Answered November 8, 2018

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3 Plumbing FAQ Answered, Thomasville, North Carolina

Of all the inner workings of your home, plumbing is arguably the most mysterious. What’s really going on in all those passageways behind the walls? Consider the following answers to these frequently asked plumbing service questions.

Top 3 Plumbing Service FAQ

1. What is that white powder that collects around shower heads and sink faucets?

If you’ve encountered this substance when cleaning your kitchen or bathroom, you might have feared mold growth. However, these powdery deposits are minerals that came from your water and have settled on nearby surfaces. If you see it, you likely have “hard water,” or a mineral-rich supply. While usually not dangerous, this can dry out your skin and hair and change the taste of your drinking water. To get rid of it, you can invest in a water softening kit through your local plumbing service.

2. Why is my water bill so high?

plumbing serviceWhile more expensive utility bills could certainly be attributed to long showers, a sudden rise in your expenses without a significant change in your lifestyle habits may point to a plumbing issue. For example, your toilet can leak without any water accumulating outside of it. For a quick DIY test, you can add food coloring to the back of the tank and check the bowl in a few hours. If the color has tainted the water in the bowl, you could be paying for water you’re not using. Luckily, this is an easy plumbing fix for a professional.

3. Should I use a store-bought drain cleaner to clear a clog?

When you’re trying to get on with the day’s responsibilities, a clogged drain can throw a wrench in your plans. However, it’s crucial not to rush a fix by purchasing a store-bought drain cleaner. These harsh solutions contain abrasive chemicals, which, in an attempt to destroy the blockage, can also eat away at the insides of your pipes. Instead of causing irreversible damage, call a plumber to fish out the issue with a snake.


If you have more pressing plumbing service questions, turn to Baity Plumbing of Thomasville, NC. They offer residential and commercial services to clients in Davidson, Guilford, and Randolph Counties and beyond, and they’ve been cultivating their skills for over four decades. For more information on their offerings, including drain cleaning and leak repairs, visit the website. You can also call them at (336) 475-0921 to schedule an appointment.

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