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3 Misconceptions About Vinyl Flooring November 16, 2018

New York, Bronx
3 Misconceptions About Vinyl Flooring, New York, New York

Vinyl flooring isn’t typically associated with luxury and elegance. Instead, it has a reputation for affordable, old-fashioned simplicity. Yet commercial flooring has reached new heights in recent years, and the newest iterations are far more polished, surprisingly sturdy, and considerably more stylish than vinyl of yore. If you’ve thought about installing vinyl, rethink these common misconceptions about this quality material. 

Debunking Common Myths About Vinyl Floors

1. Appearance

Once known for its artificial or plastic look, vinyl flooring has undergone a dramatic transformation. Technological innovations have given manufacturers the ability to create vinyl that mimics the appearance of everything from stone to hardwood floors. Modern designs are richer in texture, creating replicas that feel more authentic. You can install vinyl planks that are as smooth and genuine-looking as real wood, or vinyl tiles that resemble the earthy look of rough-cut slate.

2. Durability

vinyl flooringVinyl’s simplicity works in its favor. While most authentic materials require special care, vinyl flooring is extremely easy to maintain with everyday mopping or sweeping. The water-resistant surface means you never have to worry about spills. The material is also impervious to basic damage, like scratches, tears, and stains. Your flooring contractor will apply a thick top coat that protects the integrity of the vinyl – a must in commercial environments, particularly if you anticipate heavy foot traffic.

3. Pricing

Just because something is easy on the wallet doesn’t mean it’s an inferior product. That’s particularly true of vinyl, which was once considered the last-resort alternative to other floors. Yet the lower price makes it a winner on many fronts. Large commercial spaces have greater square footage, meaning there’s more space to cover. Avoid cutting too deeply into your budget by investing in vinyl, a material that’s as aesthetically pleasing as it is reliable.


The flooring contractors at O’Connor’s Carpet Center are the leading source for high-quality floor materials in the Bronx, NY. If you’re seeking attractive vinyl flooring for your commercial property, trust them to provide you with just the right product. Their extensive selection is designed to meet your unique design preferences. Visit them online to find out more about their history and installation process, or call them at (718) 409-2020

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