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4 Ways a Glass Door Immediately Improves Your Bathroom November 23, 2018

Rochester, Monroe
4 Ways a Glass Door Immediately Improves Your Bathroom, Rochester, New York

When it comes to improving the comfort and feel of your home, it’s smart to focus on the most-used rooms. The bathroom, for example, benefits from upgrading the fixtures, replacing the mirror, and getting rid of fogged glass. One improvement many homeowners overlook is ditching the shower curtain in favor of a shower glass door, which can boost the comfort and usability of the room.

4 Benefits of Shower Glass Doors

1. Gets Rid of Unwanted Cold Air

Nothing is more disruptive to your shower or bath experience than an ice-cold draft coming through the curtain. Even weighted shower curtains can still move in the breeze. Upgrading to a shower glass door will help keep the enclosure warm and eliminate the risk of cold air ruining your relaxing time in the bath.

2. Makes the Space Feel Bigger

Shower Glass DoorShower curtains are useful for showing off personality with unique geometric patterns, but they make even large bathrooms feel small. Think of the curtain as yet another wall in the room. Glass doors open up the space, letting light from the room reach the shower enclosure. 

3. Shows Off That Decorative Tile

Shower tile can add flair to the room more effectively than any curtain, but if you can’t see it, it won’t do much good for the décor. Replacing the curtain with a shower glass door will let everyone appreciate the beautiful tile anytime they use the bathroom.

4. Improves Home Value

Prospective buyers often see glass doors as an upgrade since they’re easy to clean, look sophisticated, and bring a touch of elegance to even tiny bathrooms. The more little amenities your home has, the more value it will have should you decide to sell in the future.


Ready to upgrade to a shower glass door? Contact the experts at Genesee Glass & Mirror in Rochester, NY. Their dedicated team will help you transform your bathroom, whether you’re looking for a mirror replacement or want a beautiful new glass door for a shower enclosure. Since 1975, they’ve helped residents keep their home’s glass in good condition. Learn more about their services online and call (585) 621-3580 to schedule a consultation.

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