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3 Steps for Building a Low-Maintenance Custom Home November 12, 2018

Bigfork, Flathead
3 Steps for Building a Low-Maintenance Custom Home, Bigfork, Montana

Building your own home provides a sense of freedom and independence, but this can vanish when all your time is taken up by chores related to maintaining it. This is one reason to go with custom homes: Selecting more durable options will allow you to design your house and property however you want, utilizing low-maintenance features. Here are three steps to consider while choosing the materials for your custom home.

3 Ways to Keep Your Custom Home Low-Maintenance

1. Ditch Siding and Wood

Regular siding requires occasional repaints and patches as it ages. Because siding is often made of vinyl, it can warp, crack, and fade, and it needs regular upkeep to prevent these issues or to replace damaged pieces. Similarly, wood shakes can easily fade, split, and deteriorate over time if they aren’t well-maintained throughout the years. This can involve lots of painting and sealing over the course of your home ownership.

2. Rely on Stone & Concrete

custom homeUsing materials like stone or concrete, on the other hand, will ensure that you rarely or never need to make repairs, saving you money in the long run. Fiber-cement is anther lasting option, as it can be made to look like the texture of wood grain but with far more strength and durability. These durable materials allow for classic, stylized looks and possess strength and durability that means you won’t need to replace or maintain them often. This will save you money and time over the years you own your home.

3. Switch to Metal Roofs

Instead of needing to reshingle your roof when it ages or when a storm damages it, install a strong, long-lasting metal roof. It’s fire and storm resistant and can be made to mimic great-looking materials like slate or wood shakes without any of the labor-intensiveness. It also lasts decades longer; there’s a good chance you’ll never have to replace it for as long as you own the house.


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