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5 Ideas to Enhance a Small Bedroom November 20, 2018

Victor, Ontario
5 Ideas to Enhance a Small Bedroom, Victor, New York

When large living spaces are what you’re used to, a small bedroom in an urban apartment or vintage-styled home can feel claustrophobic and may even be disheartening to decorate. The good news is that with a few design strategies and a touch of creativity, it’s still possible to make your room feel like a large space. Try some of the following ideas to enhance your room and make it feel larger than it is.

How to Enhance a Small Bedroom

1. White or Light Color Theme

Even if your bedroom has little to no natural lighting, decorating your room with a white them can brighten it. If you don’t want a white theme, try experimenting with lighter hues such as blue, pink, or yellow pastels. From your sheets to furniture, choose different textures to make your room look distinctive.

2. Practice Minimalism

bedroomOvercrowding a small bedroom with bulky pieces of furniture like a bookshelf, vanity, or large dresser can make it feel far smaller than it is. Reduce your accessories and furniture to the essentials. Choosing slimmer nightstands and dressers can also open up your space.

3. Install Mirrors

Darkly painted bedroom walls can make your bedroom seem more compact. If painting your room a new color isn’t possible, installing mirrors can make your room feel more expansive than it is. Install mirrors that can be placed right on the walls for a seamless look or slim, standing mirrors to add depth.

4. Pick a Smaller Bed

If you’re tall, getting a small bed may not be an option. However, those who prefer more open space in their bedroom may want to buy a new bed. A small bed doesn’t overcrowd the room and depending on the size of the rest of your furniture, it can make your space feel bigger than it is.

5. Look for More Storage Space

You may think that minimizing clutter means throwing things away, but it doesn’t have to. If you have a large closet, use it to store bulkier items. Beds that come with drawers can also free up space.


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